Looking at Paintings (series)

Looking at Paintings (Hyperion/Disney 1992/1993)

"Looking at Paintings" is a series of books about understanding what great artists see, feel and experience when they paint - from prehistoric times through to today. The books also explore the vital lives of the artists themselves and why they choose to paint certain subjects such as horses or flowers or musicians or the circus. Much of what we know today we have learned through the eyes of artists and future generations will learn about our time through the eyes of the artists as well.

A series of 12 volumes aimed at children aged 8 through 12 explaining the history of art from cavemen beginnings through to modern art. The illustrations consist of the world's finest paintings from Rembrandt to Picasso, from Velazquez to Matisse, from Watteau to Romare Bearden - all reproduced in fine and authentic four color reproductions mostly full page. John Russell in his review in the New York Times called the series "an exquisite walk through a small museum".

The series has been divided in to twelve books. Each book describes the work and lives of nineteen painters opposite a full color illustrations plus side illustrations.

Edited and produced by Jacques Lowe with a text by Peggy Roalf.

The titles are:
Horses, Cats, Dogs, Dancers, Children, Families, Seascapes, Landscapes, Flowers, Self-portraits, Musicians, Circus.

All books are full color except when showing black and white art.
11 x 9", 48 pages.
First editions available in hard and soft cover.
Out of print.

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